4 Risks of Not Running Web Monitoring Software in your Business

Risks of not running web monitoring software

In today’s digital age, almost all businesses see Internet access as a necessary tool for employee productivity. For good reason – the Internet is commonly seen as an incredibly powerful tool that allows instant communications and enhanced productivity, such that fast, reliable Internet is as much of a priority in a workspace as running water.

 As vast and seemingly unlimited the Internet is, it’s important to remember that only a portion of the Internet’s capability works in favour of your business’s productivity.

A smart business strategy that seeks to maximize the benefits of Internet access as an employee resource must implement powerful tools of endpoint security, especially web monitoring software.

Here are some of the risks a business undertakes when operating without the right set of web monitoring and regulating software.


1. Risk of Productivity Loss

One of the lighter consequences, employees can be distracted from their work and projects by the tempting entertainment value of unrestricted online access. The fraction of company time wasted on social media and funny cat videos may seem harmless, but can add up to massive losses in productivity.


2. Risk of Network Infection

But inappropriate net usage can amount to much worse than just time wasted. Without the right Internet control tools, carefree browsing could lead to devices on the company network accessing compromised websites and introducing infected downloads that could temporarily cripple the whole business.


3. Legal Risk

There are also always the risks of employees landing themselves and their company in legal hot water. Inappropriate messages sent on an unmonitored company network are inevitable HR nightmares. Data loss or confidentiality breaches could have untold financial and legal repercussions.


4. PR Risk

Businesses are also responsible for any intellectual property missteps that employees take. Allowing employees free rein of company resources to perform illegal filesharing could provoke the unwanted attention of copyright holders – this could cost a company reputation, valuable time, and staggering sums of money.

In the modern market where a strong online reputation can be the key to thriving, every vulnerability in network security is a potential step backwards for your business’s success. Website monitoring software are no longer the snooping tools of an ultra-vigilant business, rather, they have become a necessary defense to ensure smooth day to day operation. Preventing an incident before it occurs will work better than any damage control.

A good internet restriction and monitoring solution such as BrowseControl and BrowseReporter from CurrentWare is recommended.

CurrentWare Admin
CurrentWare Admin
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